As K-12 curriculum mandates movement of Economics to Grade 9, the Juniors now take the baton to showcase their “teoria et praxis” in Economics and Accounting as they make business plan, execute the plan by marketing and selling their products, and assess the execution of the plan by auditing and evaluation.

Dubbed as the Araling Panlipunan’s “Mini Trade Fair”, which is on its 12th year, the Grade 9 Learning Groups initially created business names which they took from their Patron Saint or their moderator’s name.

“This is the time for the students to apply whatever they have learned in Economics and Accounting in the classroom”, said Mrs. Marie Paulette Rivera, Grade 9 Economics and Accounting Teacher and Chairperson of the Araling Panlipunan Department of the Junior High School.

The students could think of any products to sell, but with the target market being their fellow students, and with the aim of quick return of investments; majority of the Grade 9 students sold food products.

Weeks before the one-day trade fair which was held on February 4, 2019, marketing strategies were done by the class as they flooded the social media with information, gimmicks and advertisements about the food products they are selling. Posters were also showcased in classrooms and corridors.

During the Trade Fair, all students were required to visit the Covered Courts which housed the eight booths of the competing learning groups.

The AP Department gave awards for the Best Booth and the Highest Revenue.