Sixty-five First Honor and 183 Second Honor Junior High School students were given recognition early today, Monday, together with other students who excelled in athletic and extra-curricular competitions outside the school.

“The first term’s turnout of high academic performance as gauged by the grades is higher than the 1st term of the previous year’s,” Mr. Cesar Ferreras, Junior High Registrar, said when asked about the comparison.

“The students who qualified for the honors form 18% of the student population, and this number is slightly higher compared to the previous academic years,” Mr. Ferreras added.

The AdNU Junior High follows a trimester division of the academic year which is a far cry from what the Department of Education mandates. The first term covers the month of June and September.

In the Ateneo academics, recognition for the First Honors is given to students whose average grade in the term is above 92% and has no individual grade below 90%. Meanwhile, Second Honor students are required to have a term average grade of 88% and should have individual subject grade below 85%.

In his closing message to the student body and the parents, Fr. Angelo Silerio, JHS Principal, thanked those who made it to the honor roll for exerting extra effort to qualify, and for modeling to other students.

Fr. Silerio further said, “When you, students, are asked if you make it to the honor roll [Kasali ka?], respond promptly with ‘Sa susunod po!’ or ‘Makakasali po!’’ (M. Tatel)