The first ever musical-play in Bikol, ‘Mga Aninipot sa Tahaw kan Salog’ was staged at the Ateneo de Naga Pacol Campus on Novem 11, 2018 through the effort of the English Department.

The staging of the Bikolano musical-play was part of the celebration of the National Reading Month which a team-effort of the JHS O’Brien Library, Reading Cluster which handles the SRA Program, and the English Department; and is part of the series of activities for students to instill awareness and reinforce instruction in the classroom.

The musical-play was written by the Bicolano Sari Saysay of Albay, and was initially staged in September 2017 at the wharf of Camaligan, Camarines Sur, a riverine town.

Mr. Val Dominic Monit of the English Department and the Chairperson of the Presentations Committee, the team which oversees teacher and students performances, said, “I was deeply moved by the theme and conveyed message of the musical-play when I first watched; and I thought it would be best to have it staged also among the Ateneans to appreciate the theme and the genre.”

The play centers on the theme of tradition of the people living near the river and discusses the theme of protecting the riverine ecology. The play is mix-up of fantasy and reality subthemes as experienced by the old folks residing along the Bicol River which traverses the city of Naga, and the towns of Canaman, Camaligan,Gainza, Cabusao, and Calabanga.

Since its maiden staging, the production of the play has been handled by ‘Sangre de Naga’, o local dramatics group which stages plays in various venues such as cafes, restaurants, theaters and schools.

Before the musical-play was brought to Ateneo JHS, it has toured many towns in Camarines Sur and has also involved home-grown talents – a number of them are Ateneo de Naga faculty members and students.

The musical-play is the brainchild of the local group ‘Sumaro sa Salog’ (Sulog) which scoured the riverine towns for stories, data and information to put and weave into the musical-play.

The staging of the play was a good effort to introduce the musical-play genre among the Ateneans and reinforce in them the advocacy of preserving the environment and appreciating the Bicolano culture.