ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS. Students are admitted into the Ateneo de Naga University Junior High School after:

  • They have passed the set of entrance examinations that are competitive and diagnostic in nature;
  • They have accepted that they have the responsibility to learn, to study and to attend classes;
  • They and their parents have expressed their acceptance of the plan of education and formation being offered by the school;
  • They and their parents have signified that they subscribe fully to all policies, rules and regulations of the school.

 TRANSFEREES. Transferees need to adjust quickly to the academic and disciplinary standards of the Ateneo de Naga University. They are expected to manifest good behavior and academic competence.  Furthermore, they must show willingness to become part of the community, and are expected to exhibit good behavior during class sessions and activities in and outside the campus. Transferees are placed on academic probation for a period of one year. If they are placed under Disciplinary Probation Status, they shall be withdrawn from the school.

SELF-STUDY. All students are expected to devote at least three (3) hours of study everyday aside from their regular class time. This is necessary to prepare them for the next day’s academic work.

  • They are expected to participate actively in various academic discussions and allied activities and share their knowledge and expertise with their classmates and schoolmates.
  • They should work on assignments, projects, and other requirements and submit them on time. These are manifestations of knowledge and learning, as well as gauges for achievement.
  • Failure to submit requirements on time may deprive the students of the chance for these projects to be evaluated.
  • Finally, all students should, with the help of their teachers if necessary, enrich their learning over and above what is taken up in class. Everyone should realize that there is much more to learn than what is covered in the classes during the year.

ACADEMIC PROMOTIONS. Students are promoted or retained according to the Policy Guidelines on Classroom Assessment for the K to 12 Basic Education Program, DepEd Order no. 8, s. 2015. A student who fails more than two subjects, even if one or more grades would have qualified the student for extension classes, shall repeat the curriculum year. Furthermore, only students promoted in all their subjects are admitted to the next curriculum year, subject to the conditions for readmission (cf. #30 Readmission). The Ateneo de Naga University Junior High School curriculum does not provide for any arrangement for a back subject load or for a lack of credit in any course. The Summer Extension Program and enrolment in an accredited Summer School are provided in order that students can make up for their deficiencies. Academic promotion does not guarantee readmission to the Ateneo for the following school year.