In an effort to bring the subject of religion and Christian values closer to the youth, the Values Education Department brought a twist to its special weeklong activities (12-16 November 2018) by sponsoring the Battle of the Bands, Short Film Competition, and the Values Education Camp.

According to the current Chairperson of the Values Education Department of the Ateneo de Naga Junior High School, Mr. Niño Solomo, “the activities do not only aim at bringing closer the usually perceived boring topic of religion and Christian values closer to the millennials but also providing an avenue for them to channel their talents and perception about the Faith in media that are closer to their heart.”

Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands unleashed the musical talents of the Grade 9 students. Each learning group pitted in a band to perform an interpretation of a song number about the Faith and the Church. Songs performed were either pop music or religious song.

An elimination round was held, and the three finalists battled against each other in the VE Camp which served as the culminating activity of the department-sponsored series of activities.

Days before the elimination and final rounds, the learning groups advertised and made rounds to promote their class “band” through posters and meme-teasers in the social media and the school premises.

Short Film

Although the short film competition among the Grade 10 students was a sequel to the what the department launched in the previous academic year, the short film was continued to the current year with few modifications in the contest rules.

Classes were assigned a capital sin to write a script and produce a short film about. The entire production was purely composed of all the students in the learning group.


The culminating activity had all representatives from all the student organizations and classes gathered for an overnight activity of inspirational talks, group sharing, religious paraliturgy, and finals of the Battle of the Bands.

After the initial games and introduction to the overnight activity, the participants listened to the talks of Fr. Sonny Arevalo SDB, Parish Priest of the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in upland Naga City (Bgy. Carolina) which has the ecclesiastical jurisdiction over the Ateneo Bonoan (Pacol) Campus, and Fr. Angelo “Boboy” Silerio SJ, JHS Principal. Fr. Arevalo talked about the Mary and Discipleship, while Fr. Silerio delivered statistical facts about the youth of today and concluded with reflection questions regarding the presented numbers and facts. The talks proceeded to the group processing, discussion, and sharing into small groups which were facilitated by volunteer teachers.

Afterwards, the participants gathered for the Stations of the Cross and the symbolic lighting of the “bonfire” which represented the Light of Christ. Prayers and petitions were offered in the symbolic ritual.

The overnight activity was concluded by the high-energy finals of the Battle of the Bands with all the participants watching and cheering, and the faculty members serving as judges.

The series of activities for the week brought a redefinition of appreciation and expression of Faith for the students of Ateneo Junior High School.